This edition supersedes all other editions
1.       The Committee will comprise of, Chairman and Vice-Chairman, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer,  Honorary Match Secretary, Honorary Competition Secretary and Honorary Draw Collector, with a minimum of 11 members.  In addition, a President will be elected at the Annual General Meeting to serve a minimum of 2 years and a Vice President to succeed normally after the 2-year period.  Honorariums to be declared by the Treasurer and agreed at each AGM by members.  

2.       Committee meetings will be held throughout the year and shall meet on the first Monday of every month, and whenever necessary thereafter. Where the meetings fall on a bank holiday, the meetings shall then be held on the following Monday. 

3.       The committee will decide on the make up of the league and reserve the right to refuse any team entry to the League.

4.       An Annual General Meeting (AGM) is to be held prior to the commencement of each new season. Any items for the agenda, INCLUDING ANY PROPOSED RULE CHANGES, are to be submitted in writing to the league secretary at least 14 days before the meeting. A majority at the AGM is required for the passing of all resolutions.  The Chairman will have the casting vote.

5.       Changes to these rules or the introduction of new rules can only be made at an AGM, except that the committee may introduce temporary changes to facilitate the smooth running of the league until the next AGM, which may then make the changes permanent. 

6.       Any perpetual cups won by a team/player remain the property of the Andover Cribbage League, however, while in the possession of the team/player, the well being of the cups are the responsibility of the team/player. Winners will be required to ‘sign’ for any perpetual cups taken into their possession and need to ensure they are covered by adequate insurance while in their possession.
7.       All teams entering the league must provide two contact telephone number (Captains and Vice-Captains) to cover all players in that team.

8.       It is mandatory for every team to pay a subscription, as notified by the Committee, per calendar month (for 7 months unless altered through an AGM), which will qualify them for the draw for that period.  All defaulters will be reported to the AGM and could face expulsion from the League.

9.       All complaints/queries regarding the League affairs should be directed to the League Secretary in writing.

10.    The affairs of the League during the closed season shall be directed to the League Secretary in writing.

11.    Any Team Captain wishing to call a special Committee Meeting should apply in writing stating the reason to the League Secretary, who will arrange the meeting at the earliest available date.

12.    Presentation Night will be held each year.  The Committee will purchase the prizes. A member of the committee will officiate at Presentation Night.

13.    Team captains must have a copy of these rules must be available when a match or game is being played.

14.    All matters not governed by these rules, and any irregularity, will be dealt with by the committee whose decision will be final

15.  The minimum age for anyone playing in the league is 14

 16.All events e.g competitions, be accounted for separately,where Competition Secretary must provide accounts for all items for income(entrance fees and raffles)and expenditure(raffle prizes)for each competition-which well then be submitted to the Treasurer before or at the next Committee meeting. 


1.       Six players to comprise a team.  Each fixture to comprise six single games and nine doubles, each of one game (i.e. each pair play opposing pair in doubles) Scoring to be 1 point per game.  Every game must be played. Each match will be for 15 points. The cribbage scoring board will be in the centre of the table between the 2 players pegging. No offset cribbage scoring board will be allow. Pegging away from the cards.  All runs count.  All games cut for box and the lowest cards wins. Ace is low.  The Deck should not be cut until all cards are in the box.  All single games to be five cards.  Once around the board, three points for non-crib.  All hands to be shown for counting. In the draw for play, the first two shall play together for the doubles, the same for the 3rd & 4th and 5th & 6th. Each player must remain with the same partner throughout the match. Home players will remain seated.  Spectators and players not in the game must not help in counting of hands.  All disputes on counting to be sorted out by the two captains or the two Vice-Captains.  All matches to commence no later than 8:30 pm.

2.       No player transfer will be allowed during the season.  A new player must be registered before playing.  The Match Secretary is to be advised.  All registered players MUST be 14 years of age or over.  Defaulting teams will have 5 points deducted from League total at date of infringement. 

3.       If  a game is in dispute then the Fixtures Secretary is to be informed in writing 3 days of the game being played

4.       Matches are to be played on a ‘home’ and ‘away’ basis.

5.       It is responsibility of the Home team captain to check the packs are correct before play commences.  

6.       In all games, individual hands are to be checked during the run of play. All cards are to be left on the table until all hands have been agreed to the satisfaction of all players. Hands are to be taken consecutively commencing with the player to the left of the dealer and finishing with the dealer taking the box.  

7.       If a side arrives with a player short, they shall forfeit 1 point and they will nominate a player to play off the doubles.  The person nominated must be registered and acceptable between both team captains, but the name on the
result card MUST be left blank. If a spare player is not available then a player from the first pair finished in the round will play with the spare player. The person whose name appears opposite the blank space will not benefit in total for ‘player of
the year’.  

8.       If a team is two or more players short, the Match will be declared void.  The Match Secretary MUST be informed to enable him/her to rearrange this match.  

9.       Once a match has started, no players shall leave to play any other type of game.  Failure to observe this rule will result in defaulting team losing remaining points left to be played for in that match to the opposition.  

10.    If a team arrives for a match exceptionally late, without prior notice then upon written complaint from       their opponents (to the League Secretary), points may be deducted at the Committee discretion. Any team captain wishing to make a protest must inform the opposing captain of his/her intention and the reason on the evening of the match. Written protests must be received by the League Secretary within 3 days of the game.  

11.    When two or more teams finish level on points, the section leaders will be the team which has won more games.  In the event of a further tie the Match Secretary shall arrange a play-off at a neutral venue.  

12.    Player of the Season will be based upon the first 12 singles played in the league.  

13.    Supreme Team is awarded to the Team with the most games won from the Section winners.  The wooden  spoon is awarded to the team with the least games won from the teams in last position of each Section.  In the event of a tie, then the number of points won will decide.
14.    Any change to a fixture must be advised to the Match Secretary. When matches are postponed for any reason, the Match Secretary shall re-arrange the fixture.  Any cancellations – a result card must still be sent to the Match Secretary.  All outstanding matches will be played as directed by the Match Secretary. Any teams found guilty of non-cooperation in this matter will face expulsion from the League.  No re-arranged matches will be played in the final week of the season.  

15.    All games must be played; on no account will points be awarded to either team if fixtures are not completed. Failure to honour fixtures may result in the expulsion from the league.  

16.    If any player is holding more, or less, than the prescribed number of cards at the end of a hand or if the box contains the incorrect number of cards and the players not being able to agree on either position then the game needs to be re-started  

17.    In the event of the pegs or board being knocked over during the course of play and the players not being able to agree on either position then the game needs to be re-started  

18.    If any players, through urgent circumstances, have to leave the game, reserve players may take their place by mutual agreement of both captains  

19.    If, for any reason a team cannot fulfil a fixture, 24 hours notice must be given to their opponent.  If the appropriate notice is not given, the defaulting team will reimburse the home side for the refreshments to a maximum of £10.00  

20.    When a team resigns from the League during the season, the registered players will have their results wiped out, but if they want to join another team they start as a new player. In the event of a team withdrawing, or being excluded from the league, the scores of the matches in which they played will be erased from the league.  

21.    Each team will be provided with results cards which must be completed after each match. It is the responsibility of the captain to complete a result card as a true and accurate record of the match. Match result cards are to be post marked within 3 days of the League game being played. Any defaulting team will lose 2 points. It is the Captains responsibility to send their own result card to the Match Secretary. If there is a dispute over the result the result card must not be signed until the issue has been resolved.



1.       All competitions will be run and supervised by the Competition Secretary.  No player substitution to be allowed in any competitions, apart from the pair’s competition when in the case of exceptional hardship.  The Competition Secretary is to be advised before any substitution. Any replacement player must NOT have already competed in the competition. Any further difficulties, the Committee has the final say.
2.       Team competitions are to be played as per the League Rules.
3.       Any player entering a competition must be registered with a team in the League.
4.       If a player entering a competition cannot play on either Semi-Finals or Finals night the game must be re-arranged with the agreement of their opponent and the Competition Secretary. The games must be played before Finals Night and the Competition Secretary notified of the result by the following day.

  5.       The Start time will be 8.00pm. Players must be at the relevant venue and registered by 7.45pm to enable the draw to take place. Once the first draw has commenced no further entrants will be allowed.
6.       Winners will go through to the semi Final and Final nights. In instances where not many entrants turn up then games may be played down to either the Semi Final or Final

7.       All competition arrangements to be between Monday and Friday, unless expressly agreed by all parties involved.
8.       If a team withdraws from the League, any players left in competitions will be withdrawn automatically. 
9.       Results of the Knock Out Cup and the Chris Burch Supplementary Cup to be submitted as directed by the Competition Secretary.  All results not returned by said date will result in all teams being omitted from the next round.

10.    All competition draws where there is no dedicated evening are to take place at a committee meeting.
11.    In competitions, if premises of the home player(s) are unavailable, the game will be played on the opponents ground or at any other venue. This is to be agreed in advance between both the captains.

12.    All competitions are the best of 5, except the Team Knock-out and Chris Burch Supplementary Cup (see rule 2)

13. Minimum age for anyone playing in a competition is 14 excluding the 128 Cup where the age limit is 18.